Absolique Hair Loss and Hair Health Products

All Absolique Hair Health Clinic Hair Loss Products and Hair Thinning Products used and recommended have a prescriptive purpose and instructions to obtain a particular result. Not one of the Absolique products are a standalone Hair Loss Treatment. Everything we do works in some form of Combination Therapy. When treating Hair Loss, Hair Thinning and Scalp Conditions, we must address symptoms and causes to get a result.

To understand symptoms and causes, we need a Correct Diagnosis. Occasionally we have requests to purchase our products without a diagnosis. As a rule, we will not sell any of our prescriptive products without correct diagnosis and teaching you exactly how to use our products with a one on one complimentary Program Induction, individual written instructions and instruction videos.

Absolique Scalp Brush TherapyScalp Brush Therapy acts to create scalp circulation, stimulation and exfoliation. Scalp Brush Therapy will help bring blood flow to each hair follicle, stimulate the oil glands attached to hair follicles, and lift scalp scale.
Absolique Scalp CleanserSafely prepares your scalp for effective delivery of topical Hair Loss Treatments
Absolique Scalp ToniqueA specially formulated scalp stimulator, which has been designed to prepare the scalp for topical Natural Hair Loss Treatment products after cleansing the scalp with Absolique Scalp Cleanser.
Absolique Microneedle TherapyThe Microneedle Scalp Roller is a therapeutic devise used to prepare the scalp for topical Natural Hair Loss Treatments by creating microchannels from the scalp surface down to the target site the hair follicle and hair bulb.
Absolique GRN Absolique GRN is specially formulated with vitamins and synergistic ingredients that have antioxidant and anti-ageing properties that can address Hair Loss and Hair Thinning.
Absolique Acid BufferA citrus flavored oral powder designed to assist in raising your body pH when needed.