Absolique Client Testimonials

Absolique Hair Health Clinic would like to thank all of our valued clients for your honest feedback, comments, stories, journeys and commitment to your individual Hair Loss Treatments. Your continued dedication to your health is what delivers your healthy hair results. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Very informative and helpful.
Crystal – Teacher
Very informative and lots of information given thank you.
Tracey – Business Owner
Consultation was informative and reassuring.
Joanne – Process Engineer
Here’s hoping, great info.
Melanie – Actress
Helpful and reassuring. Thank you.
Rosie – Registered Nurse
Very reassuring and informative. Thank you J
Belinda – Teacher
Very informative and helpful. Thank you.
Kate – Journalist
Lots of information, very helpful.
Jelena – Home Duties
Very informative. Always friendly and helpful.
Jodie – Project Officer
Very Informative.
Monique – Remedial Therapist
Very Informative. Very happy to get such informative service.
Rashmi – Student
So much info. Great resources J
Samantha – Student
Wonderful, very informative and professional.
Stacey – Teacher
Great information and huge relief.
Danielle – Teacher

Very in-depth explanation – looking forward to hair regrowth. 
Waiata – Carer

Looking forward to great results. 
Kristie – Sales

Feel much better after first consultation, thanks.
Yanni – Property Sales

Very comprehensive, a holistic approach! 
Hattie – Writer/Editor

Going forward, always good advice.
Linda – Child Care

Great advice.
Kristy – Executive Assistant

A wealth of valuable knowledge giving me confidence in the treatment ahead.
James – Self Employed

Good advice. Always a great feeling to see improvements in my hair.
Janelle – Recruitment Officer

Happy to know you can help – looking forward to the improvements.
Gabby – Cupcake Business

Thank you for your advice and help with getting my hair back to a healthy state.
Ameily – HR Officer

I have every confidence in the advice and options that I am getting. Thank you!!
Julie – Director

Leaving with a lot more confidence than what I arrived with.
Ryan – Logistics

Learned lots of new info – see you soon for the program.
Sonia – Accountant

Feeling even more excited on second visit.
Waiata – Carer

Learning a lot and positive for improvements.
Kasia – Fraud Analysis

Really informative – can’t wait for hair to grow.
Kiron – Tiler

Reassuring – great information, really friendly.
Kirsty – Executive Assistant

Good info, really friendly.
Karl – Floor Layer

Excellent advice and help! Friendly people and good info.
Charles – Unemployed

Feeling a lot more positive. Happy Hair Day
Carla – Real Estate Agent

Feeling excited with my progress. Thanks
Chantal – Home Duties

Looking forward to seeing progress.
Kelsey – Barista

Very informative.
Jess – Ophthalmic Technician

Loved health talks – interesting.
Carolyn – Retired

I finally have some hope, thank you Carolyn.
Amanda – Sales

Look forward to our new journey.
Nat – Child Care

So happy to have found you J! Thank you so much.
Sarah – Administration

Glad to have the answer of what’s happening!
Darlene – Retail

Very Informative thank you.
Vivienne – Retired

Great information on my scalp health.
Stuart – Plumber

Very good to get info as well as what to do.
Clover – Retired

Great help, glad I learnt about you
Jenny – Retired

Very informative, look forward to future meetings.
Sean – Sales

Very happy with the progress and new products
Leticia – Student

Helpful information and happy with the explanation.
Karen – Public Servant

Got my treatments today and I’m so excited to start!
Amanda – Sales

Very Informative, thanks!!!
Loukmane – Project Manager

Thanks for all the help.
Annette – Teacher

Very informative, very helpful!
Harry – Student

Very grateful for the progress so happy!
Diane – Retired

Thank you for the information. Look forward to working on this with you.
Michelle – Credit Controller

Looking forward to keeping my hair!
Gemma – Accountant

Happy with the progress. Information is always informative and interesting
Leticia – Student

Thank you Carolyn – so much info but I am feeling a lot happier.
Felicity – Retired

Back again – looking forward to seeing the improvement.
Janine – Home Duties

Feeling very positive – looking forward to starting my program and seeing results,
Leanne – Self Employed

Very impressed with Carolyn’s insight and holistic approach. Thank you
Reina – Speech Pathologist

Very pleased with my results so far.
Maritsa – Home Duties

Very fruitful information and very pleased with the service
Andres – Student

Very informative visit!
Lily – Student

Onwards, upwards, thank you.
Kelly – Tax Consultant

Thank you for your help and advice.
Liv – Student

Great advice as always.
Kevin – Teacher

Have my 4 months control app and my hair has changed 100%. I have thicker, longer and healthier hair. I am so happy. Carolyn is the best, she saved me. Love you guys. Thank you so much.
Marcela – Student

Thank you wonderful service.
Elizabeth – Receptionist

Thank you, very informative!
Alex – Electrician 

Carolyn and her team are very knowledgeable, approachable and exceptionally helpful. The information and treatment my daughter has received has been invaluable and exceptional. We are looking forward to some positive results. Thank you very much.
Liv – Student

I was made feel at ease from the moment the appointment began. It was sad news about the state of my hair but really I knew it was in poor condition. It was important to me that I was listened to and I left the initial appointment feeling that there could be some positive changes in 2017 to my hair.
Karen – Teacher

I meet Carolyn for the first time. Her holistic approach was impressive. She provided a very detailed explanation of the cause of my problem and the methods to fix it. I will be returning to discover the benefits of the treatment.
Kevin - Teacher

I am twelve months into treatment to healthier hair and can only thank Carolyn and her wonderful staff for their support and expertise in helping me become a healthier person. Living out west knowing I have contact via email and phone whenever I need it has helped enormously. Thank you to everyone at Absolique, it is always very informative and uplifting when I do get to visit and see my progress
Terese – Farmer

I have been seeing Carolyn Evans for more than a year. Since the beginning of my treatment I saw dramatic changes on my hair. I suffered for more than 10 years from hair loss. As a woman that was damaging my self-esteem and I was scared of washing my hair because every time I could see all my hair falling! Carolyn and Absolique Hair Clinique has helped me to recover my hair. To stopped my hair loss and have more volume and health in my hair. I am so happy that I could find her, she is so professional. She does not try to sell you unnecessary products. She honestly recommends what she thinks works better for your case and analyse your history from the inside trying to help you with that first and build your hair from the nutrition (if your problems is lack of vitamins or minerals) and topical treatments. She gives you the freedom of buy products from places that are not linked to her, therefore it gives me the confidence that she is working in pro of your health and hair not thinking of make profit of your products. She is sewn and understanding woman and she will help anyone with hair lost or any hair issue as she has the knowledge and the expertise to do the best. I am almost in 80% of the length that I was looking for as well and everything in my hair improvement is thanks to her. Love her!! All the best.
Marcella – Student

I have struggled with hair loss for 15 years and have tried almost everything with little success. I was ready to give up, but came across Carolyn’s videos online. I was impressed by her holistic approach to healing hair loss from the inside and outside and decided to schedule a consultation. Since I do not live in Australia, our meeting was done via skype and everything has gone smoothly so far. I am very encouraged and have restored hope that my hair can be regrown.
Ahaji – Uni Administrator

I’ve experienced ongoing hair loss since I was 13 for a number of different reasons. In the 25 years since I’ve been to specialists, tried different treatments, watched my diet, spent hours researching online. I went to Carolyn in May 2016 and have been doing topical treatment for the last 9 months. I saw changes in my hair and scalp after 6 weeks and both have kept on improving. But the best thing Carolyn gave me, in addition to the recommended products, was the hope that my hair could (and hopefully will) be restored with time and the right treatment.

I was impressed by Carolyn’s professionalism and knowledge. The staff were all very friendly.
Melba – Physiotherapist

Must be optimistic and positive in myself to make this happen.
Lesa – Unemployed

Looking forward to results – positive thinking from here on.
Catherine – Retired

Looking forward to the next stage of this journey.
Jacqui – Business Owner

Thank you for the guidance to better hair! Grateful for the changes already seen.
Voula – Pathology

Thanks for all the good work.
Jon – Paralegal

The journey continues! Still optimistic.
Tracie – Personal Assistant

The journey begins – great explanation!
Gregg – Electrician

Plenty of information, friendly and not pushy!
Nikki – Scientist

Thanks for all the good advice.
Eva – Sign Writer 

Thanks for your help!
Emma – Veterinarian

Very informative. I can’t wait to see the results.
Gemma – Accountant

Results are very encouraging! Thank you.
Grania – Travel Consultant

Very informative, thank you!
Melanie – Actress

The best results ever! The changes are completely visible. Keep doing what you do because you have helped us a lot!

Marcela – Student

Very Informative and helpful. Everyone is friendly
Milly – Accounts Clerk

Very Practical, useful information. Very Helpful.
Vanessa – Mother

Wonderful, it’s great to get better.
Liz – Mother

Love my new hair growth, thank you.
Catherine – Business Owner

So excited for what’s to come! Thank you Carolyn.
Chantal – Stay at Home Mum

Carolyn, you’re wonderful. Bless your white cotton socks.
Theresa – Homemaker

It is a little early to gauge the final outcome for my problem, but I would like to encourage anyone who has a hair or scalp problem to talk to Absolique Hair Health Clinic. Their professional, friendly approach is the beginning of a good journey. Don’t be afraid to give it a go.
Vi – Retired

I meet Carolyn for the first time. Her holistic approach was impressive. She provided a very detailed explanation of the cause of my problem and the methods to fix it. I will be returning to discover the benefits of the treatment.
Kevin – Teacher

I am into my third month of my journey to healthier hair and can only thank Carolyn and her wonderful staff for their support and expertise in helping me become a healthier person. Living out west knowing I have contact via email and phone whenever I need it has helped enormously. Thank you to everyone at Absolique.
Terese – Farmer

I have been seeing Carolyn and her team now for just over two years. Having struggled for 20 years with hair that is extremely reactive to hair loss if my body is not 100% right, it has been invaluable to have ongoing support. Not only does the nutrition assist with my hair health but my overall well-being. I have been so grateful for having a service such as Absolique as it helps in all facets of health.

Natalie – Sales Manager

Hair loss is scary. We did not know what to expect when we went to the clinic. As soon as we started talking to the ladies at the clinic, it was clear that they know what they were talking about. Thank you for helping us and guiding us thorough this process to stop the hair loss and kick starting the hair growth!
Yentl – Student

Great Service, great Team. Always happy to recommend.
Nadine – Researcher

Know what they are doing! Really happy with the visits.
Rakib – Student

Super interesting and got a lot of information out of it.
Yentl – Student

Very friendly and helpful.
Fernanda – Claims officer

Very helpful and very friendly, has helped me heal and address the problem.
Jenny – Retired

Very happy with my results.
Ciara – Student

Very informative, looking forward to next week.
Paul – Security Officer

Very informative and encouraging.
Lisa – Occupational Therapist

A lot of useful information looking forward to results!
Shelley – Office Manager

Very informative!
Kanupriya – Student

Carolyn is very knowledgeable and patient when explaining your diagnosis and how to use the topical products and vitamins. I also found watching the YouTube videos very helpful.
Stephanie – Public Servant

Professional and friendly staff with invaluable insight and guidance in to improving not only my hair, but overall wellbeing.
Rose – Online Publisher

Amazing appointment, feel very informed and reassured.
Aleisha – Restaurant Manager

My hair is starting to thicken up as I have now done 7 Laser treatments. I went to the shops today, without a hat, for the first time. I just loved the feeling of freedom. That is what it is – freedom. No hat, no worry, no feeling of embarrassment. Thank you Carolyn for giving me back my self-esteem.
Chris – Retired

I have just finished my 8th session of laser treatment and am beginning to see some results. Each time I go in I am eager to watch for improvement. It is a slow process but well worth doing. The whole team are very informative and supportive.
Chris – Retired

I attended my first consultation with Absolique just under a week ago and felt a little lost. After my first visit I left feeling confident with a plan in place that was going to achieve the required outcome with all natural products and also improve my health at the same time. I felt very comfortable and look forward to starting treatment to regain confidence.
Tanya – Contracts Administrator