'Tricho' is a prefix pertaining to hair, 'ology' refers to a particular science or subject

A Trichologist is a hair specialist who helps people who have problems with Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions. A Trichologist has studied the science of ‘Trichology’, and has successfully completed a Certified Trichology Course.

The skill, training and experience enables a Trichologist to identify the specific nature of Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions. Your Trichologist can then provide a tailored remedy that targets your specific condition. All Hair Loss and Scalp Problems require sympathetic handling, and a qualified Trichologist is trained to understand the anxiety associated with Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic are dedicated to helping you understand and overcome your Hair Loss, Hair Thinning and Scalp Conditions with our Holistic approach and Safe, Natural Hair Loss Treatments.

For an accurate diagnosis of your Hair Loss or Scalp Condition with Exclusive ‘Hair Health and Scalp Check’

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"I was made feel at ease from the moment the appointment began. It was sad news about the state of my hair but really I knew it was in poor condition. It was important to me that I was listened to and I left the initial appointment feeling that there could be some positive changes in 2017 to my hair".
- Karen, Absolique Hair Health Clinic Client

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