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Absolique Trichologist Carolyn Evans

Absolique Trichologist Carolyn Evans

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Brisbane is here to help with all your Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions. We are professionals dedicated toyour hair health.
Absolique Hair Health Clinic
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We Have Moved!!

The move is finished and we are fully set up and ready to go in our new location, Suite 3, 669 Brunswick Street, New Farm, 4005. To enter please go up the stairs in the middle of the building and we are up to the right. Look forward to seeing you here.

This website is dedicated to Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions.

If you have Hair Loss, Thinning Hair or a Scalp Problem, you will relate to the information provided within this site.

This is an interactive site designed to help you to identify with your Hair Loss or Scalp Condition and encourage you to seek professional advice from a Trichologist.

The information pages were written by Trichologist Carolyn Evans. The pages contain in-depth yet easy to understand explanations of the most common Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions that Carolyn has experienced during her 16 years of clinical Trichology.


A Trichologist is a hair specialist who helps people who have problems with Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions. A Trichologist has studied the science of ‘Trichology’, and has successfully completed a Certified Trichology Course.

Hair loss, Hair Thinning, Baldness either generally or in patches, Scalp Conditions, Scaling Scalp, Psoriasis, Itching Scalp and excessive Oiliness are common problems many people suffer and can get professional advice and treatment from a Trichologist.


'Tricho' is a prefix pertaining to hair, 'ology' refers to a particular science or subject, for example `Geology' or `Dermatology'. 

Trichology is the branch of medicine that is focuses specifically on the hair and scalp.

Trichology is the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair and scalp.

For more information on individual hair or scalp problems go to: HAIR LOSS or SCALP CONDITIONS in the menu.


I am Carolyn Evans, Certified Brisbane Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic.

My passion is hair, your hair, and educating you about your hair and scalp, so I can help you overcome and understand your Hair Loss and Scalp Problems.

As your Trichologist, I will carefully examine your hair and scalp through a microscope to thoroughly assess and diagnose your Hair Loss or Scalp Condition and explain the science behind the cause of your Hair Loss or Scalp Condition, then provide you with treatment options, thus allowing you to make an informed choice about hair loss treatments that suits your particular circumstances.

In some cases treatment may require combination therapy and sometimes assistance from a Doctor, Naturopath or Endocrinologist may be required.  In other cases treatment might not be necessary, just understanding of the Hair Loss or Scalp Condition and reassurance that things will return to normal.

Treatment by a Trichologist may involve topical applications to the hair and scalp, the use of nutritional therapy, laser light therapy or a combination of treatment modalities.


The skill, training and experience enable’s a Trichologist to identify the specific nature of Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions. Your Trichologist can then provide a tailored remedy that targets your specific condition.

Hair Loss consultants don’t have the knowledge of a Trichologist and generally offer one treatment program for all conditions.

Would you ever consult a Doctor who suggested one remedy for every physical ailment?

All Hair Loss and Scalp Problems require sympathetic handling, and a qualified Trichologist is trained to understand the anxiety associated with Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions. A Trichologist will help you to come to terms with your Hair Loss or Scalp Condition and offer you solutions for your individual Hair Loss or Scalp Problem.

Common Causes of Hair Loss and Scalp Problems:

  •    Genetic
  •    Hormonal
  •    Nutritional
  •    Physiological
  •    Autoimmune
  •    Psychological
  •    Environmental
  •    The taking of certain medication or a combination of medication
  •    The actions of a third party such as over processing hair colour
  •    Any combination of the above

Possible Treatments of Hair Loss and Scalp Problems:

  •    The problem may be temporary and self-correcting
  •    The problem may require nutritional supplementation
  •    The problem may need hormonal intervention
  •    The problem may have multiple causes and require combination therapy
  •    The problem may require internal and external treatment to combat the       cause


The most common type of hair loss is Female and Male Pattern Thinning and Hair Loss (Androgenetic Alopecia). This type of Hair Loss affects as many women as men in today’s society.

There is no magic cure for Female and Male Pattern Hair Loss. Combination therapy focuses on the cause internally; topical application methods and treatments to reach the thinning hair bulb externally and correcting commonly associated hair cycle disruptions.

Women presenting with pattern hair loss or thinning may require medical assistance and the use of hormonal treatment to stabilize the hair loss where hormonal imbalance is present.

Hair Loss conditions such as genetic thinning can be stabilized, whilst other Hair Loss conditions can cause permanent hair loss due to follicle destruction, please understand this is rare.

Hair Loss is also a symptom of some other problem or variation in the metabolism of the body and for this reason should not be ignored. Your hair is a barometer of your health, DON’T IGNORE IT!

Hair loss causes great distress, and due to the demand for Hair Loss Solutions, there are many misunderstandings and misleading information about Hair Loss, Hair Loss causes and treatment for Hair Loss. Make sure you get professional advice and diagnosis from a certified Trichologist before attempting any over the counter or online Hair Loss Solution.


As with Hair Loss, Scalp Conditions can be symptomatic of some other metabolic variation.

Stress, poor diet, or allergies to certain foods, can be responsible for the build up of oil and the shedding of dead skin cells.

The management of hair and scalp that are scaly, oily or greasy can be easily combated by guidance on the right type of shampoo (Scalp Cleanser), the correct application and frequency of use, and education as to how to cleanse the scalp correctly for the specific case. It is often a simple yet effective treatment because of correct diagnosis from a certified Trichologist.

Consider this:

Scalp is Skin. Are you washing your scalp with a hair shampoo?

Hair is Hair. Are you washing your hair with a dandruff shampoo?

Common Scalp Conditions:

  •    Dandruff
  •    Inflammatory conditions
  •    Psoriasis
  •    Seborrhea
  •    Dermatitis
  •    Oily Hair



In cases of Hair Breakage, co-operation with the hairdresser is very important, and it indicates that Trichologists training overlaps both medical and cosmetic areas, not normally covered by either doctors or hairdressers. Hair breakage and hair texture problems usually respond very well to treatment and appropriate advice relating to hair care and hair styling techniques. The causes, once discovered, can often be reduced or eliminated altogether.

Common causes of Hair Breakage and Hair Texture problems:

  • Over exposure to heat from Hair Dryers and Straightening Irons
  • Overlapping & double processing of hair colouring and straightening solutions
  • Stressing and straining of the hair shaft
  • Hair growth problems
  • Hair shaft defects


  • Only qualified Trichologists have studied Trichology to learn how to DIAGNOSE the reasons for Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions.
  • It takes in-depth knowledge and experience to learn fully, how to diagnose and treat Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions.
  • Most Trichologists began their career as Hairdressers and decided to study further to become a Trichologist.
  • Modern day Hairdressing courses do not cover any aspect of Trichology.
  • Doctors only study hair loss if they choose to. Hair loss is not a compulsory element within their training.
  • Anyone can claim to be a hair consultant; this does not mean are they are a certified Trichologist.
  • There are 1000’s of different causes for Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions.
  • Over the counter pills and potions cannot possibly cure Hair Loss or Scalp Conditions.
  • Correct DIAGNOSIS is the only way that Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions can be successfully treated.
  • Without a correct DIAGNOSIS treatment advice cannot be given, nor can any attempt at treatment be made for Hair Loss or Scalp Conditions.



There is a very common hair loss condition that is called Diffuse Hair Loss or ‘Telogen Effluvium’, caused by many minor illnesses or other body imbalance issues.

Diffuse Hair Loss makes more than the normal, 70 to 160 hairs that fall each day, prematurely fall before the end of their hair cycle.

It takes three months for the affected hairs to actually fall out, due to the timing of the normal hair growth cycle. This is the moment the Hair Loss may become noticeable.

At this point you did not notice the Diffuse Hair Loss or Telogen Effluvium.

Then you bought your pills, lotions and potions! You were panicking! However, in most cases, the Hair Loss has already stabilized.

Three months later, the hair loss appears to stop, you believe the pill or potion worked.

The only thing is it would have stopped naturally if the cause of the loss is no longer present.

You are happy with the result but may be a large sum of money out of pocket!!!!

Now, has your hair cycle been disrupted? This could stop your hair shaft from growing back as thick, strong and healthy as it was.


Can a pill taken for headache cure indigestion?

Can a skin cream cure toothache?

Sounds silly doesn’t it? But that is what happens!

There are so many different variations of Hair Loss and Scalp Conditions, and you buy something off the shelf, without qualified DIAGNOSIS and wonder why it does not work as promised!


These are mainly based on herbs or vitamins.

There is no clinical evidence to show that herbal pills are helpful in hair loss.

There is no point in taking vitamins, unless you are vitamin deficient. A Qualified Trichologist will be able to diagnose a deficiency, if it exists.

There are 300,000 pills and potions on sale and only a handful of these have been fully clinically trialed to show that they can help in hair loss.

And then, ONLY after certain hair loss conditions have been DIAGNOSED correctly, by someone who has the knowledge and has been fully trained to make a correct DIAGNOSIS.


There are shampoos and conditioners, plus hair styling volume products that can temporarily make hair “look” fuller and thicker.

These are very useful in hiding hair loss and can boost self confidence.

There are also spray-on and shake on products that temporarily give a thicker appearance to the hair by covering the scalp.

These are very useful when trying to camouflage the hair loss, until treatment can be sought, or if there is no treatment available for the specific hair loss condition.

The key is early diagnosis and treatment from a professional hair specialist, your Trichologist.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist is also a qualified Hairdresser, Hair Replacement Technician and is happy to provide you with many Hair Loss Treatments options.

Contact Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic to get a REAL DIAGNOSIS of your Hair Loss or Scalp Condition with Exclusive ‘Hair Health and Scalp Check’ and put a stop to your hair loss and scalp problems NOW!

Call Absolique Hair Health Clinic on 07 3229 3242 or email info@absolique.com.au


Absolique Hair Health Clinic

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